Stuff I Made–Buffalo Chicken Salad with Primal Ranch Dressing

The worst thing about eating mostly paleo is that it’s a super high maintenance diet.  It’s very low carb and requires organic veggies, organic, grass-fed meats, and forbids vegetable oils, legumes, grains etc.  In order to check all the boxes, you pretty much have to cook every meal.  And since I procrastinate always, inevitably I end up starving with no food ready to eat.  You’d think I’d learn from my past mistakes in this area, but no.  I never grow tired of suffering for my sloth.  I’m rather impressive that way.

So once again I found myself at midnight with nothing immediately edible in the fridge but string cheese.  And string cheese was last night’s dinner, so that was out.  In a flash of inspiration, I decided to bake some chicken breasts and douse them in buffalo-esque hot sauce.  I adore buffalo wings, but B is not so keen on chicken with bones, so this was my workaround.  I also whipped up (read: butchered–measuring makes me sad) this recipe for primal ranch dressing.  And then I threw it all on top of a bed of spinach.  Voila!  Dinner.


Easy and pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself.


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