Serenades and Chipmunk Cheeks


Take it from someone who knows him well–B is not a normal person.  B is not normal in many, many unusually awesome ways.  For instance, he will spend hours pondering some bit of esoteric logical minutiae and then scramble out of his cave to announce, “Guess what?  I’ve discovered what the word “therefore” means!  I’ve mapped out a diagram.  Do you want to see it?”  No.  Not really.  No.  And this is what he does FOR FUN.  But seriously, I’m glad he’s as smart as he is and that he asks the sorts of questions he does, like “what is the nature of a definition?” or “are modus ponens and modus tollens implications of one another or are they logically equivalent?” I mean, somebody has to wonder about these things, right?….Right?

That is something I truly appreciate about B.  Not only does he make me look dumb, he makes me seem sane.  So I find it especially amusing when my charming, erudite boy lets fly a clunky compliment.  When he isn’t paying very close attention, the nice things B means to say to me often take the form of insults.  Once he told me my spirit animal is a chipmunk.  And I’m sure he meant it in the best way possible, but the best way possible is still not so great when you’re being compared to a rodent.  When I was deciding on a Halloween costume, he told me that I would make a great evil queen but that Snow White wouldn’t really suit me.  And he didn’t think anything of it until I let him know that that is not the sort of thing you say to your loving, devoted, and decidedly un-wicked wife.  Then came yesterday…

Me:  Juliet doesn’t really look like either one of us, does she?

B:  You don’t think so?  I think she does.  She definitely has your…um, good…cheeks.


Thanks, B.  As ever, you’re too kind.

In other news, it turns out that aside from having incredible cheeks, Juliet is also quite the singer.  Get a load of these pipes:

I offered her a couple of critiques, like “watch out for your breath support” and “try not to be so tone deaf,” but other than that, she’s pretty good, no?


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