10 months and change

Now seems like as good a time as any to take a little break from writing about menstrual impurity issues in Leviticus and wax rhapsodic about how my amazing daughter took her first baby steps today!  Four steps, to be exact, in succession.  It was very cute.  I’m very proud.  And…I guess I have less to say about that than I thought.  But it’s pretty ingenious, if you ask me.  Walking’s hard.

She also turned 10 months old a couple weeks ago, and here is her monthly photo shoot:




She was in a really good mood for her sitting.  It was weird.


This was the month she realized, much to her joy, that she was sitting in a rocking chair.  As you might imagine, this made keeping her safely seated a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated.


Announcement dos: Juju can now climb the entire staircase to the top!  I’d been trying to get her to do it for weeks, and then one morning B took Juliet’s sock monkey and used it as a lure until she at last made the long, vertical journey.  Unfortunately, un-climbing the stairs is not yet part of Juliet’s repertoire of skills, so much of my day is spent rescuing her and returning her to the ground floor when she gets trapped.  Lucky me.  Gravity, thou art an inexorable and vicious mistress.

Announcement tres: We got a Christmas tree!  A real one!  From one of those places where they sell real trees!  It’s a big freaking deal because it’s my first time celebrating Christmas with a tree that isn’t constructed from parts out of a box.  Is it decorated?  No way!  But I’m about 80% sure it’s still alive, so huzzah for me!  I even did my research so I knew to water it and everything.  It’s a Christmas miracle!





I hope to start decking the halls once finals are over.  Until then I will be up to my ears in the Pentateuch and Koine Greek.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “10 months and change

  1. I know! She’s now 50th percentile for weight and 95th for height. We’re so proud of ourselves for feeding her 😉 She’s really heading into the toddler stage now. I probably need to start exercising if I want to keep up with her…

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