California Once Again

It feels like we’ve done quite a bit of traveling in the last six months.  Luckily, California is still one of my favorite places to visit–mostly because that crazy state is home to some of the people I like best.  And because it tends to be warm.  I like warmth.  This last trip was a great opportunity to hang out with family and friends, and even though our visit spanned ten days, it seemed to go by in a flash.  We arrived on Monday, and during the week I was busy stabbing myself with needles, shopping for craft supplies, and pleading with Juju to please, please, take a nap for goodness sake!  Then we squeezed in Juliet’s party on Friday, went to my uncle’s wedding on Saturday, and got Juju all dedicated to God and stuff on Sunday.  After that we collapsed in a heap and slept for two days straight–just kidding!  Mothers don’t get to do things like that.  Real vacations are a thing of the past!  But it was still quite glorious.  We had an amazing time, and made a lot of great memories.  I can’t ask for more than that.


My uncle’s wedding took place in Malibu.  The scenery was gorgeous and so were the newlyweds.  I love taking pictures of the groom while his bride is walking down the aisle.  I get sniffly every time.



My family is composed of many, many adorable tiny people.  Juju’s in good company.


This is the picture I submitted for Juju’s dedication, and this is why the Broncos lost.  I tempted fate even though I have been a superstitious football fan long enough to know better.  Mea culpa.  ‘Twill not happen again.


This is how Juliet makes friends.



My camera inexplicably disappeared during the actual dedication ceremony, so we took a group photo after the fact.  Our good friends, Jon and Amy, also dedicated their youngest son that morning, so there was much celebrating in the land.  Except for Juliet.  She, apparently, was less than thrilled.  Tiny heathen.


Good times at the El Paso Cantina.  How I will miss thee, yummy Mexican food!


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